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Sex Therapy


Offering individual and couples/partner services

Sex Therapy with HeartStory

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HeartStory Counseling provides sex therapy to individuals and to people in loving partnerships. We value pleasure, choose self-belonging, dare to desire, stand for justice, and insist on interactions that are founded on consent. HeartStory Counseling welcomes LGBTQIA+ clients and is kink aware and poly friendly.

As always, I will listen carefully to your goals for growth, provide resources, and offer a welcoming place to have real conversations about this very important topic.

Great sex has the potential to create experiences of profound connection that can be transcendent and transformative. Great sex can be a practice in mindfulness, a way to get really present in our bodies, and a pathway to exploring different aspects of ourselves. At its best, great sex is grown-up play.


Unfortunately for many of us, sex education consisted of warnings about dangers and mechanical explanations of procreative functions. This was coming from a culture both obsessed with sex and strangely frightened of it.

We’re going to remedy all that, one conversation at a time. To have the spark of sexual beingness and really own it, that’s one of the very finest things about this experience of being human and its something that I wish for all of you.

Note: For many, if not MOST of us, the subject of sex is fraught with challenges. Too often our rights to our sexual sovereignty have been violated, too often our desire has been shamed, too often our experiences invalidated or doubted. Many of us were left with trauma triggers or with experiences of fear and isolation. Worst of all, too many of our voices have been silenced. Just know that if these things ring true for you, this is the place we’ll start. We’ll keep on checking in together about how things land as we proceed. You get to choose how fast or slow we go and you get to choose what to share. So much, after all, about sex comes down to choice.


If you’d like to talk with me more about this before you choose, use the contact form on the bottom of this page to drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you!

Note: Many clients would rather have the full disclosure on session costs before connecting, so they can get a realistic sense of whether therapy with this particular therapist will be right for them. I'm working on a price list page, but in the meantime, I wanted to get the numbers out here for you:

55 Minute Sessions (typically scheduled 2-4 times a month): $165/session

90 Minute Sessions (typically preferred by couples): $235/session

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