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HeartStory Counseling provides Ecotherapy as an alternative to in-office and telehealth psychotherapy.

What is Ecotherapy

Like all forms of therapy, a lot depends on YOU! It can be as simple as taking a walk to the edge of the river with your therapist and dipping your toes into the water while you talk about whatever it is you’re coming to HeartStory to talk about. It can also be much more directly nature focused.

Nature often mirrors aspects of our human beingness to us, If we pay attention, the trees and stones and birds communicate in ways that may surprise you. An Ecotherapy Certified therapist can help you become ally with the natural world for healing; your own and the healing of mother earth.

fern in front of woman.jpg

Most Ecotherapy sessions take place at River Bend Park, located at the end of Rod Beaudry road in Rancho Cordova, CA.

Ecotherapy sessions will not be appropriate for all clients, and will be available on a limited basis.

Let me know if you have an interest in Ecotherapy sessions and would like to discuss whether they may be an appropriate modality for our work together!

You will also be advised about the most up to date protocols for COVID when we meet.

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